We're Listening To You

Our San Diego-focused team has community input top-of-mind which has shaped the design of HomeTownSD from day one. The feedback we have heard from members of the community and stakeholders has been key as we put pen to paper to define HomeTownSD.

Create an ANCHOR for the Midway area – draw the community in and together

Housing is the PRIORITY, maximize the housing potential of the site and provide a range of equitable and inclusive housing types

FOCUS on equity, local workers, and community

Make the project amenities, arena and retail ACCESSIBLE to all income levels and the surrounding community

Opportunity to catalyze Midway as the most WALKABLE community in San Diego

REDUCE vehicle traffic by focusing on circulation, mobility, and connections for all modes – pedestrians, bicycles, cars, and mass transit – throughout Midway area and to Old Town

World-class, visually DESIRABLE design and architecture that San Diego will be proud of

Create MEANINGFUL public open spaces that are accessible to the broader community

Ensure SUSTAINABILITY through green building and supporting the City’s Climate Action Plan

Community gardens to bring neighbors TOGETHER

Support LOCAL businesses and growing businesses from the ground up

PROMOTE workers by providing onsite childcare

SUPPORT local labor and green jobs

Find a new, REIMAGINED home for Kobey’s Swap Meet onsite to enable local businesses to thrive

CREATE retail that serves the community and the arena

Consider both short- and long-term transportation SOLUTIONS and provide adequate onsite parking