Environmentally and Socially Resilient by Design

  • Committment to delivering cutting-edge sustainability features throughout the project, including:
    • On-site solar power
    • Drought tolerant landscaping
    • Recycled water systems
  • We aim to partner with the City and other agencies to deliver a community as close to net-zero energy as possible
  • Supports San Diego’s Climate Action Plan

HomeTownSD is environmentally and socially resilient by design with on-site solar power, drought tolerant landscaping and the latest micro-mobility transportation features. In addition to these commitments for each building, the team will partner with the city and other public agencies to explore and deliver cutting edge sustainability projects such as recycled water systems or on-site water storage, innovative micro energy grids, and other features to deliver a community as close to net zero energy as possible.

HomeTownSD embraces sustainability, the City’s Climate Action Plan, equitable transportation and the ability for San Diegans to thrive in an ever-changing climate.