Housing is Our Top Priority

  • 3,250 apartment homes
  • Over 2,000 deed-restricted affordable and middle-income homes or 62.5% of total units
  • Over 1,200 market-rate homes

Housing is the number one priority for HomeTownSD. San Diego needs an inclusive community that provides a continuity of housing choices for our workers, our families, and our seniors. HomeTownSD provides a range of housing choices so local San Diegans can live in the neighborhood and stay in the neighborhood, whether their incomes rise as careers grow, or become fixed as retirement occurs.

HomeTownSD’s primary objective is to maximize the housing potential on this public land with a focus on affordable and middle-income housing. The more than 2,000 apartment homes serving middle- and low-income San Diego families account for 62.5% of the planned 3,250 apartment homes in this groundbreaking neighborhood. Market-rate apartments homes make up the balance.

Since HomeTownSD’s objective is to maximize the site’s housing production, particularly affordable and middle-income housing, our partnership includes one of California’s largest and most experienced affordable housing developers, Eden Housing, middle-income housing partners Manatt and Middlemarch Fund, and market-rate mixed-use apartment developers Monarch Group and Essex Property Trust.

Providing a diversity of housing options will make the HomeTownSD community a model for future developments as it becomes home over the lifetime of the project for tens of thousands of individuals and families who live, work and learn in San Diego.