Championing Equal Access to Housing for All

  • 10,000 square foot on-site childcare center, serving up to 125 children
  • Affordable housing options for San Diegans, including veterans, seniors, disabled, permanent supportive housing, and transition-aged youth
  • Senior housing or permanent supportive housing (PSH) for individuals and families experiencing homelessness
  • Resident services include job training, financial education, after-school tutoring, scholarships, and free access to Wi-Fi

As a women-led team, we understand the importance of bringing an equity lens to all phases of this redevelopment. We will champion equal access to housing at all levels, from those currently experiencing homelessness to residents of affordable, middle-income, and market-rate housing. We will build a community tailored to the needs of its residents, with access to quality affordable childcare, health and mental health services, free Wi-Fi, and career development possibilities. Finally, we also commit to ensuring that the economic opportunity provided through the redevelopment process will benefit all San Diegans, especially businesses and professionals that are typically excluded.

With the redevelopment of San Diego’s Midway Sports Arena property, our City has the chance to build a diverse, modern, equitable community that catalyzes opportunity for all its residents. From groundbreaking to ribbon cutting and through the generations of San Diegans this project will serve, this public land must exceed the equity expectations of traditional development. We are committed to making that a reality.

Tens of thousands of San Diego families at all income levels will build lives and careers in the HomeTownSD community over time. Diverse local workers and small business owners will contribute to its construction and sustain its residents by providing critical services. Local entrepreneurs will launch and grow businesses on site, and local seniors and children will grow up and old together.